Our Testimonials

D.H. September 14th. 2011:

I have to voice my support for Troy as well. A 100% stand up guy. I bought a Tron LE from him and could NOT have been more pleased. Customer service all the way, right up until the game was delivered in my driveway, literally!

M.M. August 13th. 2011 :

Another round of kudos for Troy North at topscoregamerooms.com. We bought the LE's from him at a great price and he was the one that talked to Stern to see what they could do to help out. I've bought pins from Troy in the past and will do so again. He's a great guy.

J.S. July 11th. 2011 :

Thanks Troy! I am glad we had our game refurbished instead of trading it. You guys did a fantastic job. It probably wasn't playing at 1/4 of its potential before you got it. Thanks! (Data East Batman Pinball)

J.C. on May 5th 2010 :

Hi Troy, I don't think the transaction could have went any smoother.Unfortunately for me, the game went right into storage - I'm in the processof moving. I haven't had a chance to turn it on yet, but the game looks tobe as advertised and I am definitely pleased with the cosmetics of the game.............................

M.E. November 7th 2010 :

Troy, it was a pleasure dealing with Troy. We both had to drive quite a way to make the transaction, but Troy was on time and his communication was great. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again!

T.P. on June 1st. 2010 :

Troy, I absolutely love it! Better than I thought it would be! THANKS

M.D. on April 23rd 2010 :

Greetings Troy, This is my first restored pinball from you and it is great quality work especially for the price. I have a friend wanting to start a game room and she will be contacting you shortly. I am getting ready to order my next pinball from you as soon as I decide which title! By the way, the lady that I sent your information to is ****** *******. I am so impressed by the job you did on this White Water! A+.........................................

B.B. November 2010 :

Troy is one of the good guys. Bought a pin form him in the past -stand up guy.

B.H. October 2011 :

Hi Troy, Everyone here is loving the pinball machine. We want to thank you for all your help. It seemed like the logistics were going to be very difficult and you made the process very easy. Thanks again, B.H.

Scott, October 2011 :

A real quick story and thank you to Troy. I have been looking for a nice classic Stern Stingray to add to my collection which consists of other games from the late '70's - early '80's. I remember playing this game back in college and recall it being as much of a money eater as Joker Poker, Torch, Paragon, Firepower and then the just-released Black Knight. I used to come home on the weekends and work Friday nights and Saturdays and then go back to school and blow the cash by feeding these games quarters over and over again. Well through some searching online I found what appeared to be a nice Stingray at Topscore Gamerooms in Missouri. I emailed them and Troy emailed me back saying it was in nice condition and sent me some pictures. He even sent me a quick video showing the game from bootup through a ball in play. Well I've never had a game shipped to me due to the cost and the possibility of damage so I decided to do nothing. Troy emailed me a quote for the shipping, said he uses R+L Carriers and has had much success with them. I was very surprised at the shipping amount and Troy really put my mind at ease. I decided to take a shot and sent Troy a personal check for the pin and the shipping amount. The machine got picked up at his place Monday and I had it in my place Wednesday, in Connecticut! The machine is in awesome condition and I'm very happy I took the chance. Troy you're an awesome guy and I wouldn't hesitate one bit in doing business with you again. Thanks for helping me bring back into my life another pinball machine from 30 years ago!

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